Earth Day is April 22nd of every year, but many places take the time to dedicate an entire week to the event.  It's all about making our planet a healthier and happier place to live.  Activities generally included as a part of Earth Day or Earth Week include things like picking up trash, planting trees, and all around just taking the time to care for Mother Nature.

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Ecolibrium3 which serves northeastern Minnesota, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  They have a couple of focuses, the first being to serve in Duluth's low-income Lincoln Park neighborhood, working on sustainable revitalization to help residents and businesses.  The second focus is on community aspects of energy transition, housing stock improvement, economic security, and health.  Eco3 does a lot every year to make the community a better place.

It will be an Earth Week celebration with them starting on Sunday, April 18th and running through Saturday, April 24th.  There will be plenty of events like a neighborhood scavenger hunt, daily webinars on environmental topics, green trivia and a trash clean-up of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  These are all activities that the whole family can participate in to help make a difference for everyone, and of course, for our planet.

A lot of this year's list of events will focus on climate change and taking action to help prevent that.  Part of the week's events will also include a food distribution aspect to help out those in need.  You can get more information on how you can celebrate Earth Week right in the Twin Ports HERE.

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