Calling all Duluth residents - this is a pretty cool event you can attend to honor the city you live in and love!

City officials with Duluth are asking residents to join them for a fun event on Monday, June 21st. It will take place at noon outside of City Hall. They will be unveiling the new Duluth flag and want it to be a big, citywide celebration!

City Hall is located at 411 West 1st Street. The flag will be put up at the Priley Circle flag pole.

It will be an event with other members of the community, including the Duluth Fire Department, Duluth Police Department and Mayor Emily Larson. There will also be music and other events.

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In a press release put out by the city, Mayor Emily Larson says the new flag represents Duluth in a fuller way, citing our unique neighborhoods, history and beautiful landscape as things that make the city special.

The event is completely free. Though things are getting better with the pandemic, there will still be a few COVID-19 policies in place, like social distancing from others.

At the event, you will also have a chance to win the new flag. There will also be giveaways, with the city giving out items like stickers, temporary tattoos and other treats, which means it is a great event to bring your children to.

The new flag was designed by Duluth resident Blane Tetrault. A few years back, the city held a contest and narrowed the entries down to nine, ultimately getting what will be the new city flag. The public got to vote for their favorite and here we are! You can see the new flag design online.

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