The City of Duluth said construction of the Arrowhead, Kenwood and Howard Gnesen Road starts October 4 and will impacts travel in that area.

This is the next phase of construction in the Arrowhead Road and Kenwood
Ave signal and paving improvement project. It will start with Howard Gnesen and Arrowhead Road intersection closing for several weeks.  During that time they'll remove the concrete pavement and do repairs to sidewalks.

It gets really tight in this area.  I thought I could snake through the Kenwood Shopping Center parking lot (so did a lot of other people) and it added about 20 minutes to my day sitting in their parking lot trying to get back out to the exact road I was on in the first place. Arrowhead Road will be down to one lane in each direction near the Kenwood Ave intersection with no access to or from Howard Gnesen Road during this phase of the project.

The detour to access Howard Gnesen from Arrowhead Road is Blackman Ave and MacFarlane Road. You can use that detour if you want to travel south on Howard Gnesen towards Arrowhead Road. If you're trying to get to Wells Fargo, US Bank or Walgreen’s, use Warren Avenue.

NOTE:  The speed limit has been reduced to 20 MPH. If you are planning on travel in that area, allow time to get through the construction.  It would be best to choose an alternate route and avoid the delays and traffic congestion altogether.