It’s time to remember another craptastic video from the 80’s.  First, for the sake of full disclosure, I must admit that I was a Dokken fan back in the day.  I spent many days at Duluth’s Washington Junior High School wearing my camouflage pants and Dokken “Tooth & Nail” t-shirt (while having girls avoid me the New Coke).

That being said, even I cannot deny the cheese factor in this video.

“In My Dreams” was on their Under Lock And Key album and it featured all the things Dokken was known for: George Lynch kicking butt on lead guitar, great harmonies, and Don Dokken’s melodic voice.

It also had a video that checked off every cliché:  slow motion posing, dramatic faces and bad special effects.  It also featured Don Dokken wearing an outfit that made him look like Zorro’s wacko half brother and enough rain to warrant a flash flood warning.

Now, let's revisit a simpler time when Don Dokken could sing and guitar heroes reigned.

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