The reality is that things like elevator etiquette, using a blinker, and returning your shopping cart went to the wayside long before the COVID-19 pandemic.  The elevator etiquette though is much worse now, in my opinion.  Maybe people just forgot how to be decent when stuck at home.

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The elevator that I use on the regular in downtown Duluth is where it's been the worse. I have however encountered manners proving momma didn't raise them right in a few hotels too.

When I was a kid, I was always told that proper elevator etiquette is to wait for others to exit the elevator before getting on.  I probably even got my ass beat once or for not "remembering" how to be polite to others.  Just this week alone, I have had three people barge into the elevator as I was trying to exit.  I of course made passive aggressive comments as we were basically running into each other in the process.  Maybe those comments even out the piss poor disrespectful behavior of those entering the elevator.  One individual had the business suit look, another was an employee of the building, the other was a polo wearing sales type guy.  None of them were that young, so it's not just a younger generation thing, it's straight up a lack of manners.

My point of this is that it's not that hard to be polite and patient in those kinds of social situations.  This coming from the guy that throws the comments out at elevator offenders, secretly hoping one will want to fight about it.  In case you need some brushing up on elevator etiquette and how to be a decent human, Inclinator has some tips HERE.

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