It won't be long and we will be creeping into the two year mark of the nasty COVID-19 global pandemic.  I don't know anyone that it's been easy on, whether financial, emotionally or both, it's hard to not to have felt an impact in some way.

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Many were able to stay working during all of it, some weren't though.  While there were economic impact payments given out, and extra unemployment benefits, it wasn't enough for everyone.  Look at just something like the price of groceries, that certainly hasn't gone down.  Just about everything in a brick and mortar store has a higher price than it did 18 months ago.


So at least for me, it's easy to see why many might be struggling with things like rent.  Thankfully for those that are in need, there are resources to help out.  One Roof Community Housing does great things for Minnesota communities.  I personally know several people who have been able to get into a home because of the services they offer.  They are now partnered with RentHelpMN, working to do exactly what the name would lead you to think, help with your rent.

Not just rent though, they are also helping people with past due utilities which haven't gone down in price either.  So if you need help with paying either of those, help may be available and it can date back to March of 2020.  You can get more details and obtain help in applying for some rent or utility relief HERE.

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