Minnesota Vikings running back and the NFL MVP Adrian Peterson stopped by Reddit today to do an AMA (ask me anything) session with its users to promote the Wheaties boxes that he is currently appearing on and Reddit users rarely disappoint, here are some highlights.

Q: Do you prefer AD or AP?

A: AD!


Q: Hey AD, Who are your best friends on other NFL teams? Thanks for doing this, you are the man.

A: larry fitzgerald is a guy im cool with, cromartie, sidney rice, percy, even though he only answers the phone every blue moon, arian foster, andre johnson, antonio smith, leon washington, jacoby jones


Q: Reporters always mention your "bone-crushing" handshake and seem to act like you're not aware of your own strength. As someone who appreciates a firm handshake, do you put just a bit more squeeze on 'em when you shake a reporters hand?

A: lol! you got me on this one, i actually do put a little more into it for some of the reporters. they're like sour patch kids! guys can be so nice and so sour at times


Q: AD, my 10 year old son is a running back on a team in Bloomington, MN and totally idolizes you. More than anything, he really wants to know what exercises he can do to improve his footwork like you. And from me, what 1 thing in your career are you most proud of?

A: 1) the ropes, lateral drills, high knees, side shuffles, in and out drills, do it on an incline instead of flat surfaces, works more muscle and you'll get a lot quicker 2) being on the wheaties box!


Q: Who do you think is the best rookie RB prospect in the NFL this year?

A: eddie lacy, but he's on a passing team. but that was a real good pickup... that i didn't like

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