Winter, the word that people living in the Twin Ports either dread or can't wait to hear.  I'm on the side of those who would prefer that we skip that season, but I don't snowmobile or ski anymore.

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While I could just move, I have too many family members and friends here, and it's not quite time to be a snowbird.  The inclement weather will be here before we know it, so aside from getting the snow blower ready and sharpening the shovels, think about a remote starter for your car.


I've heard it all before, mostly from my folks who said something like "we've lived here for years and got by without one".  Let me tell you, everyone says that until they have one and the realize what they have been missing.  My parents now fall into that category.

My wife's birthday was this last weekend and I asked her if I could get her a remote starter for her car.  She has talked about it for a while and agreed it would be a nice gift.  We got in just in time, with the appointment tomorrow.  Though we were informed by several installation places that if we didn't do it soon, there would be a much longer wait on getting it done.  Much like snow tires, people wait until the last minute to get that kind of winter stuff ready, when in reality we could get snow next week.  So if you're on the fence about getting a remote starter, do it sooner than later, and it's honestly a purchase you won't regret if you've been without for years.

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