As I type this snow is still coming down in Superior, WI as our "Spring" snowstorm is hopefully winding down.  Schools have been closed and events and programs have been cancelled.  On the list of cancelled, or rather postponed events is the Drive 4 UR School fundraiser at Benna Ford Roush.

Benna is always great about supporting various causes from St. Jude, to Coats 4 Kids, and participating in the Drive fundraiser that Ford Motor Company stands behind as well.  It's pretty neat, you test drive a car and Ford will donate $20 to a local school.  People over 18 take a short test drive and then fill out an evaluation form and in a day can help to raise over $6,000 for a school to help support sports and other extracurricular activities.

Scheduled for tomorrow, April 13th, Benna has postponed this year's Drive due to the conditions outside.  A future date and location have yet to be determined but you can keep updated on the official Benna Ford Roush Instagram here.

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