The Duluth Police Department got involved in a fun experience over Labor Day weekend, involving a four-year old boy who wants to be a police officer.

They used their Facebook page to share their experience with Flat Deklan, who is a little boy from Maine who really wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Deklan's parents had the clever idea to take his picture and use it to get him involved with police departments all over the country, as the Duluth Police Department explained:

We’ve all heard of Flat Stanley, but have you met Flat Deklan? Deklan is a four-year-old boy from Northern Maine who wants to become a police officer when he grows up. His family had the idea to send a picture of him to departments across the country in hopes to learn more about policing and the community we serve. Today, Deklan had a chance to be part of #DuluthsFinest and hung out with Chief Tusken, Officer Munger, Officer O’Connor, K9 Kallie, and even went on a ride-along.
Thanks for thinking of us Deklan. We look forward to seeing your application to join the Duluth Police Department in the future!

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As you can see from the following photo's, Deklan had quite the experience in Duluth.

Duluth Police Facebook

Chief Tusken welcomes Deklan to Duluth.

Duluth Police Facebook

Deklan got to sit in the driver seat of a Duluth Police Department squad car!

Duluth Police Facebook

Office Munger Munger was more than happy to show Deklan the ropes.

Duluth Police Facebook

Here you see Officer O’Connor introduce Deklan to K9 Kallie.

Duluth Police Facebook

It was quite a weekend in Duluth for Deklan! I think this is such a cool thing for his parent's to do and based on how the Duluth Police Department rolled out the red carpet for Flat Deklan, I'd imagine other departments across the country are doing the same thing.

This young man will have so many cool pictures to see! His biggest decision is which department he wants to ultimately join when he grows up.

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