This week has been filled with troubling news across the Northland. From air quality issues to pandemic-related mandates, it's seems it's literally one thing after another. That's why this feel-good story involving the Duluth Police Department comes at a perfect time.

They shared a story Thursday evening on the Duluth Police Department Facebook page that proves there is good news out there to be found and we don't just have to focus on the things that get us down.

According to the post, a call for service at the Boys and Girls Club turned into a very special moment.

Earlier today a few of #DuluthsFinest responded to a call for service at the Boys and Girls Club. Upon arrival, they noticed how hot it was inside and our B crew decided to pitch in their own money to buy an A/C unit for the kiddos.


Duluth Police Department Facebook

I can imagine the officers walking into what must've been a very hot room, then realizing the kids had to spend hours in there. A lot of people would've felt bad for the kids and staff and maybe said something to their peer group, but not everyone has the empathy to take immediate action. To help these kids by spending their own money and providing swift relief from the heat is something that truly deserves recognition.

Duluth Police Department Facebook

The kids and staff at that Boys & Girls Club would've felt the difference an A/C unit can make very quickly and it's something they won't soon forget. As crazy and out of whack as this world can seem, neither should we.

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Hopefully a story such as this will inspire others to show empathy and help others, even if it means going out of their way to do so. There's a lot of good out there and you have to believe that there's a lot more to come!

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