The Duluth Police Department reached out to the public this week hoping to identify individuals in relation to a recent vehicle theft in the area.

As has been the case with similar efforts, getting the pictures out, as well as all other pertinent information, can be of tremendous help to authorities.

The shared the following information Monday afternoon on their official Facebook page:

The Duluth Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the individuals in the below photos. This is in relation to a vehicle theft that occurred on Friday, July 15 at 12:40 p.m., near N 2nd Ave E and E 1st St.

The individuals are described as a male wearing a grey shirt and shorts with a camo hat with a red sweatshirt over his shoulder and another male wearing a green sweatshirt and camo shorts with a red baseball hat.

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They added that anyone with information relating to the crime or these photos should call 911 and reference ICR #2022-22099608, which is listed on the photos included in their post.

Anonymous tips can also be submitted online through the link above. You can also submit anonymous tips by calling 411 or by texting keyword ‘DPDTip’ to 847411. Be sure to include the ICR #2022-22099608 along with your tip information.

The Duluth Police Department wants the Northland community to know it is grateful for their continued partnership to help identify persons who are suspected of committing crimes in the community, which they say makes our city a safe place for all.

"The Duluth Police Department is committed to keeping the public safe and preventing crime within the City of Duluth while advocating for victims. Locating these individuals, holding them accountable, and oftentimes providing them with opportunities to seek the help they need is a priority for DPD."

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