The Other Place Bar & Grill, located at  3930 E Calvary Road in Duluth, suffered a break-in early Friday morning and owner Martin Hinz has reached out through social media hoping to identify person or people involved.

The pictures show one individual, it what a appears to be a distinct looking hoodie, but there could very well be more than one person involved here as it appears the person captured on camera was talking with someone through a walkie talkie.

Martin Hinz reached out for help Monday morning on his Facebook page, while also sharing several photos and some details on what happened:

Help! Please share! I'm hoping that the power of social media can help us out at the OP. We were broken in to Friday morning at 4:30 a.m. The person could be male or female, appears to be shorter, was well organized including referencing a layout of the building and where things of interest would be. Unfortunately, they were fully covered and these are the best camera shots we have.

Martin Hinz Facebook
Martin Hinz Facebook


Hinz added that he feels the pictures reveal that the suspect was frequently using a walkie talking to communicate with someone else while going through his establishment.

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This is purely speculation on my part, but that would seem to indicate that whoever they were talking to on the outside is likely very familiar with the layout of the Other Place Bar & Grill and they were perhaps telling the person on camera where to find things of value. That other person also likely knew there were cameras and feared they'd be more easily recognized than the person who went inside.

Hinz the place is pleading with the community to help get the word out. Even though the person on camera was covered, he believes somebody knows something and the more people who see this, the better chance whoever was involved will be caught.

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