After having a 49 ounce prime rib the first night of camping I decided to keep the theme going and we picked up almost 11 pounds of Aged Sirloin from F & D Meats in Virginia, MN.  I had tried a piece of it another camper had the previous night and when my buddy Kevin said "let's campfire cook that", I was in right away.

I have no idea how, or for how long they age it, but I can tell you the price was right at $5.99 per pound and the sample from the night before had my mouth watering thinking about it.

Usually when I cast iron cook my steaks I hit them hot on both sides for a few minutes to get my medium-rare after they rest, but we were doing these right on the grates of the huge campground fire pits, so controlling temp was a little more challenging.  Kevin suggested we hit them hot on the main pit to sear them and then go low and slow on the regular grill with just a few shovels of coals from the main pit.  20 minutes or so is what it took to get a nice medium-rare.  We also did our potatoes and carrots in the cast dutch oven right on the coals and other veggies too, all came out great but that!

Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Photo Credit: Joe Danger

It tasted like a steak that was 5 times the price.  Everyone loved it and it was so soft you barely needed a knife to cut it.  Next time you roll through Virginia, MN, I highly suggest you make a stop at F & D Meats and try those sirloins.  It will be one of my stops from now on.

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