The Iron Range Betties are a group of women from around the Iron Range who enjoy the pin-up culture.  They are active in supporting local clubs and also volunteering in the community on the Iron Range.

They have teamed up with the Twisted Rides Car Club and will be hosting a Recycled Bike giveaway event with the Virginia Police Department.  Included in the event for the day will be the opportunity to register your personal bikes with the Virginia Police and root beer floats.  It will also be a drop off point for anyone interested in donating a bike for their next give away event.

The giveaway event will take place on Saturday, July 25th, from 11:00AM-2:00PM.  It's happening at The Speakeasy Salon which is located at 104 4th Street South in Virginia, MN.  This is a good opportunity to help a great local group of gals help out the community.  They do want to remind everyone that it is an indoor event, so make sure you plan accordingly.  While serving the root beer floats they will be following guidelines for social distancing such as masks and gloves.  You can get more information about this great event and find out more about other events past and future that the group will be hosting HERE.  Remember, the Minnesota order to wear masks at indoor public places goes in to place on Saturday, so don't forget yours at home if you plan to attend

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