Depending on where you live, you may not have been able to go to a bar for a while.  Liquor stores are open but with social distancing and sheltering in place, bars have generally been closed down.  Wisconsin did just open some up, but Minnesota hasn't jumped on yet.  If you are craving some internet attention, good or bad, since you can't get it at the bar, there is a place dedicated to karaoke on Facebook.

The "Lockdown Lounge Karaoke Corner" was created some time ago to give people a creative outlet.  You can go live or post a recently recording video of yourself singing karaoke.  You'll of course need to have the instrumental part, which is generally not too hard to find online.  Some people use a microphone and actually use their home karaoke systems and some don't.

There are some rules, like it's not to be used for any financial gain, that includes a virtual tip jar.  Also, since it's subjective on what sounds good or not, being kind is a must.  They basically are saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and move along.  To be honest, there are some people who over post, and some are in my opinion not that great, and I'm not throwing stones.  There are also some really talented singers who throw their hat in the ring.  If you get bored, or want to throw your vocals out there, check it out.

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