With only a couple of days until Halloween, various places around the Twin Ports are opening their doors to visitors for the chances of a spooky experience.  Nopeming Sanitorium is probably the most known one in the area and that place definitely has a ghostly feel to it.  I also know several people who have worked there that can confirm unexplainable happenings.  One place though that many of us drive by often but tend to forget about is Fairlawn mansion in Superior.

Tonight and tomorrow night, the 29th and 30th, you can be part of a flashlight tour at Fairlawn.  These tours let you walk through the house while it's dark so you can learn more about the life of those who lived there.  You do need to remember to bring your own flashlight for this and it starts both nights at 7:30PM with tours leaving every half hour.  It's $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and college students, and $5 for students.  More information can be found here.

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