I think most of us have at some point in our lives caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of our eye that might have seemed spooky.

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When I was much younger and still living in my childhood home, I had a couple of week period where I was witnessing what can be best described as a shadow person.  I never caught sight of whatever it was straight on, it was always the corner of the eye.  What I saw was best described as a long-legged body silhouette wearing a hat like an old-time businessman, walking past my bedroom window.   My bedroom was on the second story of the house, and it also didn't just happen at night or with lower light levels.

Now, I can reasonably assume at that height no actual person was walking by.  Adding to this happening multiple times, it was incredibly creepy to probably 13-year-old me.  Was it something evil and sinister though?  Maybe, but probably not.

The internet is full of stories similar to mine, and of course even has some videos of supposed shadow people caught on camera.  There have also been books written about the matter.  Thoughts seem to range from these sightings as being passed on loved ones, some random spirit, or even something of a from another world alien experiences.  Instances of witnessing shadow people have also been linked to schizophrenia or other psychological issues.

ParaRational has some thoughts on the different types of shadow people and Paranormal Authority has some tips to maybe get rid of them if you are having issues.  Have you ever seen anything you would describe as a shadow person?

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