If you're traveling through the Kenwood area in Duluth this week, expect slower moving traffic.  The good news, however, is that today marks the final phase of the Kenwood Ave/Arrowhead Road traffic improvement project.

According to the City, starting today, the City’s contractor will complete the concrete paving of the pedestrian curb ramp and sidewalk areas of the Kenwood Avenue and Arrowhead Road intersection.

This work will be performed under traffic, with the right lanes closed adjacent to the work area, maintaining one lane in each direction. Once the gravel is removed and the area prepped for the new sidewalk, the sidewalk work will be completed in two phases:

  • The first phase will be to complete the NW and SE corners, adjacent to Walgreen’s and Holiday station, respectively. This phase will impact traffic on Kenwood Avenue, with the outside lane in both directions closed in advance of the work. - Once that work is complete, the contractor will complete the work in the NE and SW corners, adjacent to Wells Fargo and Kenwood Village apartments, respectively.
  • This second phase will impact traffic on Arrowhead Road, and includes the closure of the “free-right” turn lane onto Kenwood Avenue. Vehicles desiring to turn south onto Kenwood Ave from east-bound Arrowhead Road will have to take a sharp right turn around the work zone. Buses and long trucks will have to use extra caution. Traffic control devices will be set at the beginning and removed at the end of each day.Weather permitting, the work is expected to be complete Friday, May 5.  If you are traveling in that area, please drive slowly to allow workers to finish this project safely.

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