Fleetwood Mac's history has been dotted with many lineup changes, but they turn most frequently to the period from 1975 until 1987 in concert.

All but two of the 25 songs on the list of their most-played songs stem from sessions for five albums – Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Tusk, Mirage and Tango in the Night. Of the remaining pair, one comes from singer Stevie Nicks' solo career – it was also released during the same 1975-87 time frame – while the other goes further back to the Peter Green era.

Dig down more deeply, and their sets are heavily weighted in favor of Fleetwood Mac and Rumours, with two-thirds coming from those two discs. In fact, all but a pair of Rumours' 11 tracks made the cut, although "Oh Daddy" fell just short at 26th place with 226 performances. Surprisingly, there is no record of "I Don't Want to Know" ever being played by Fleetwood Mac in concert. Yet, the song it replaced on Rumours," the "Go Your Own Way" b-side "Silver Springs," clocks in at the 20th position.

Tusk and Tango in the Night each get three entries, and Mirage has one.

We've used the totals found at the crowdsourced Setlist.fm, whose numbers for the band's early days are incomplete. Of course, they jettisoned much of that material after Lindsey Buckingham and Nicks joined – with notable exceptions including "Oh Well," which has often surfaced in the set list through their many incarnations. More pre-1976 songs were reintroduced during Fleetwood Mac's 2018-19 tour with Mike Campbell and Neil Finn in Buckingham's place, yet it remains unlikely that any of them would have made the list.

Check out the totals below.

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