Food allergies are things we tend not to think about much if ourselves or a loved one don't have them.  I live with two people with Celiac disease, meaning they have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten.  It's a real concern when one of them can get incredibly sick on exposure to gluten.

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In the United States, it's estimated that around 32 million people have some kind of food allergy.  Those having to deal with that can have life experiences hindered and often can't be as involved in as many activities as they would like.

Living with food allergies might mean missing out on birthday parties, various sporting events, and even social distancing because they can't always join others at a shared table.

In an effort to raise awareness of food allergies, The Aleia Project is holding their annual Northland 5K for Food Allergy.  All of the funds raised from the 5K will stay local to the Northland and help fund research, create awareness, and be used for educational resources.

In addition to the walk, there will be lawn games, various kid's activities, allergy-aware business/product info and samples, and Duluth Fire Fighters and EMT staff will be hanging out.

The 5K run/walk happens on Saturday, May 27th starting at 8AM and is a chipped/timed event at Duluth's Leif Erikson Park.  Top runners will be awarded prizes, but everyone that participates will be entered into prize drawings too.

Details for registering, where to park, and what the Aleia Project is all about can be found on their website.  You can also make a donation to the cause there if you are unable to attend the event.

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