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There are many people who ride their bicycles year round, event in the Twin Ports.  For those that don't though, we're already into bicycle weather for the more seasonal riders.

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Many who open the shed, or get the bikes down from in the garage after being stored and unridden for months, will find some things might need to be repaired.  Or you might have needed some repair if something happened to it near the end of riding season, the old though process of "I'll deal with it next year".  If it is in need of work, you can get some or maybe even all of that done for free.

As part of Bus, Bike, Walk Month 2021, there will be a free pop-up event to help you out.  On Saturday, May 22nd from 3:00-6:00PM, bring your bike to 12 East 4th Street in Duluth.  In the front lawn of One Roof Community Housing free basic repairs and tune-ups will be done by Galleria Bicycle and Skihut of Duluth.  Please keep in mind that masks and social distancing will be required at this free event.

It's nice that Zeitgeist is a promoter of the Bus, Bike, Walk Month and provides plenty of activities to participate in to help keep the whole family healthy and have a positive impact on our environment.  You can get more information on all of the events associated with the month including more details on getting your family's bicycles tuned-up for free HERE.

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