Only open on select Friday and Saturday nights in the new Glow Coaster and Zipline at Spirit Mountain.  They take the only alpine coaster in the region and add a twist while riding in the night by incorporating colored lights and also lighting up the track.  The zipline gives you a different view too with the lighted track while you fly by.

You can only pre-purchase tickets to both of these and since it's limited hours and dates, there are only limited tickets to it.  Plan ahead so you can make sure your group gets in.  Keep in mind that tickets for this an only be used on the specified dates and the next two are this coming Saturday the 13th and then Saturday the 20th. from 7PM-9PM.

You can get more information including purchasing tickets here. Spirit Mountain is located at 9500 Spirit Mountain Pl, in Duluth Minnesota and can be reached by calling (218) 628-2891.

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