Great Lakes Hockey was started in Duluth in 2016 by people who eat sleep and breathe hockey.  They make one of a kind hockey states in their Duluth wood shop with community donated broken hockey sticks, and reclaimed wood from all over the Great Lakes States.  Admittedly, hockey is not so much my thing but I reached out to the owner, Brice Wizner, to inquire about doing a piece as a early Christmas gift for my brother in law enforcement.

Flag for my Law Enforcement Brother- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Great Lakes Hockey Flag Back-Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I wanted to see if he could create a Thin Blue Line United States of America flag, and he in short said "no problem".  Within a few days I had in my hands a pine flag, burned, painted, and ready to mount on a wall.  I'm beyond happy with the results.  While they are busy this time of the season, if you do have a hockey lover in your life and want a one of a kind gift that they will cherish forever, check out the current states available for purchase and past projects HERE.

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