Gremlins is one of those Christmas time movies that I tend to forget about, our personal family favorites are Die Hard, Elf, and Bad Santa.  Zeitgeist in Duluth has once again done what they are good at though, not letting you forget about films.  In fact, they feature more classic films so often, I can't find the time to get to them all.

Monday, December 16th, at 7:00PM, Gremlins hits the big screen again.  This 1984 classic is one the kids and adults can enjoy, though I will say, for kids too young, it might be a little creepy.  It's actually one of those movies I that several adults I know haven't even seen, so if that's you or you haven't exposed your kids to it yet, what better way that at the theater?

Tickets are $12.00 plus a small fee bringing it to $13.75 a ticket which you can purchase here.

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