A friend and co-worker mentioned a good place to get meat in Superior, WI that I had never heard of.  Granted, I just moved to Superior from Duluth, I was still surprised I wasn't familiar with it.

I noted on their Facebook page that they had limited hours and on Saturday about a half hour before they closed I made it over there.  The store is in a building with other businesses but this isn't your average butcher shop.  Most of what they have to offer meat wise is frozen.  They have just about any cut of meat you could want and have various other options like cheeses, beef sticks, raw honey, and much more.  Not only do they have the selection, the prices are not bad at all either.  Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area, or even if you aren't and want to grab a week, or a month worth of meats for the family.  They are located at 2104 East 5th Street in Superior, WI.  You can get more information on their hours and whole operation on their Facebook page here.

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