It doesn't seem to matter how many times I put my phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry, I keep getting calls from scammers.

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Sometimes it's up to half a dozen times a day.  It seems like it goes in waves, where there are a bunch over several days and then hardly any at all.  If you have a mobile phone, I'm sure you have been through it too.

Many phone providers have options to screen for those kinds of calls, but some still make it through.  There just isn't much you can do, but instead of getting mad about it, I have some fun with it.  My method is not exactly...mature behavior, but it makes me feel good.  Knowing full well it's a scam, as in someone pretending to be from my mobile phone carrier, or from the government calling about stolen property, I follow the prompts to get to a human.  Once they are on the line, I usually start with something like "Scam someone else you blankety blank." and usually get hung up on.  Sometimes though they cuss back at me and that is where my day is made better.  The satisfaction I get from making them mad makes me feel warm inside.

Now, as I said, I do this to what I feel are legit scammers.  I am not like this to a regular telemarketer, I'm much nicer and just hang up on them.  If you haven't tried cussing out a phone scammer, give it a whirl and report back on your results.

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