We've heard of haunted houses and spooky buildings where something isn't exactly right. A haunted road is a different story!

Surprisingly, there are many spooky spots in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. In fact, one of Minnesota's most haunted buildings recently went up for sale. Just looking at the spot will give you the chills. It is a former sanatorium.

There is also an incredibly haunted hotel in Minnesota. It is located in Sauk Centre and is called the Palmer House. The hotel was built in place of a previous structure that burned down in the early 1900s.

Recently, the hotel made headlines after it was discovered that one of their dolls went missing. It wasn't your ordinary doll: it was a Slappy doll, a character from Goosebumps, and may or may not be haunted.

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Like I said, there is no shortage of creepy spots in Minnesota or Wisconsin. However, I recently discovered a spooky place I had never even heard of. It is a road famous in Wisconsin for being haunted. Ahhh!

The spook is known as Weary Road and is located near Evansville, Wisconsin. There are many different rumors about this road and why it is supposedly haunted. According to reports, it is a quiet two-lane road out in the middle of nowhere. It is a culmination of a bridge, road and railroad crossing.

There are many rumors about why the street is haunted but none have been authenticated. Some stories say that the man the road was named after was a bad guy while another story says a group of teenagers were driving on the street when they lost control of the car and therefore, haunt the area to this day.

Another report says that someone named Old Man Weary haunts the street and if you want to see him - or his ghost - you need to visit the road three times. Why does he haunt the street? This particular report says neighbors got sick of his antics and burned his house down. Yikes.

The road is narrow and flanked by trees, followed by a sharp ninety-degree turn at the end. The trees give the road an even spookier feel, adding to that the fact that it is seems to be in a desolate area.

One brave Wisconsinite traveled the road on a night where there was a full moon and documented the entire thing so you don't have to! Her handle is @KimHoholek and she uploaded not one but two different videos of the spooky road:

That definitely looks spooky but I have to say, the second video she posted looks even creepier! I don't know if it is the angle or the lighting but this one is downright scary. Take a look:

So what kind of haunts have been reported on the street? According to HauntedPlaces.org, people have reported seeing "phantom" motorcycles, cars and even a train on the railroad tracks. There have also been reports of a green orb-type thing, weird sounds and dark figures.

I don't know about you but I would definitely drive down this street if I were ever in the area! The road is about five hours from Duluth. If you want a closer option, there are a bunch of spooky spots right here in the Northland - if you dare.

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