Over a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic was kicking off, initially a lot businesses that were staying open advertised extra sanitizing.  I saw extra sanitizing, extra cleaning measures, even some with posters saying wait times might be longer due to that.

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Then the more full on shutdown happened.  Many advertised they were taking that time to clean more, and many saying a deep clean was being done.  I work a few different gigs so I was out and about during the pandemic quite a bit.  I will say that many of the places I visited were not very clean at all.

While many were sanitizing door handles and credit card machines, if you really looked, places were dirty.  Throughout all of it floors were swept right and if they were, they weren't mopped after.  Booths at restaurants had food on them and in the crevices, and surfaces were dusty.  I know there has been staffing issues, but I guess my point is, don't advertise how much you're cleaning when clearly you haven't.  It's not just one type of business either, there were many that I witnessed.

As things have begun to open up and get back to some sort of normalcy, it hasn't been any better.  I was at a popular coffee chain this week and it was filthy.  Also very few restaurants that I've visited had the tables prepared for the next group properly.  Again, I know that many are struggling for staff, but rush jobs on areas that are supposed to be clean, like a restaurant, is not cool in my book.  If you haven't, look around the next time you are out and see if you notice what I have.

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