New episodes of Loki are released every Wednesday on Disney Plus.  The third episode was released this week and the show so far is decent enough.

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Marvel had been churning out spin-off television shows since Avengers: Endgame which was released in 2019.  They need to keep the money train rolling and are building up to what seems like will be a follow-up to Endgame.  So far we have had WandaVision and also The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.  Both have been fair for what they are, with WandaVision a little better in my opinion.

The Loki spin-off was one I didn't even know they were working on until just shortly before it's release.  Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, was the mostly bad antagonist from several films that a lot of people liked.  It makes since to produce a show with an actor like Hiddleston playing the part, it's like he was made for it.  It's the same in the spin-off television, or streaming show.

So far of the three episodes, the first two setting things up have been the best with the third feeling like a filler, still, it's all telling a Loki side story and I'm anxious to see what it's building to.  The first two episodes were over fifty minutes long with the third being just over forty.  So you're actually getting a decent run-time before you wait another week for the story to continue.  It's for sure worth a watch if you were a fan of the Loki character in the films.  If you have seen it, what do you think?

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