I've been a fan of the Marvel films since Iron Man made it's debut in 2008.  It set the tone for what a comic book movie really should be.  There have been many films since then and of course spin-off shows available to stream like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.  For being first season spin-off stories tying into Marvel's Avengers: Endgame, I would say they did okay at setting up for more to come, but they aren't stellar.

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The show I had the most anticipation for was Loki.  Through the Marvel films, the character played by Tom Hiddleston had the evil charm thing going on, and was always entertaining.  I have written a bit about the show previously which you can find HERE, so if you haven't watched it yet, check that out before reading on.

There were only six episodes in the first season of Loki which doesn't give a lot of time to tell a story, and while it didn't feel rushed, it throughout wasn't the most thrilling.  Loki had some of that evil charm we would expect from the character including the smart-ass quips, and the visuals were decent enough. There were also aspects to make you feel emotion for the characters, but it didn't produce the Tony Stark dying emotions that many got from Endgame.

I won't spoil anything, but I will say that according to the note at the end of the credits, Loki will return for a second season.  They did leave it on a cliff hanger of sorts and Marvel is such a cash cow, they almost can't not do a second season.  Loki is available to stream on Disney+.  What did you think of the show?

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