Most people have items around the home that could be considered antiques.  Maybe it's something you inherited that has been in your family for yeas, or maybe it's something you picked up at a garage or estate sale that caught your eye.

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I myself have several items that I'm curious about the value of.  Not because I would want to sell them, just plain old curiosity.  I inherited an old musket recently and again, nothing I would sell, but I am wondering if the value would make it something I would try to better preserve or store if it has an insane monetary value.  I also have several old books on presidents of time past that I acquired over the years.

One thing nice about the internet is you can find a lot of information about older or antique items.  There are very few things I've looked up that I can't get at least a ballpark value of.  Still, it's nice to actually have someone who knows about antiques take a look, especially people who have professionally been appraising items for years.

On Wednesday, January 17th, you can get an antique or what you might assume is an antique appraised for free in Duluth.  The St. Louis County Historical Society will be doing free appraisal from Noon-3PM at The Depot.

Anyone wishing to attend just needs to show up and bring up to two items for appraisal.  If your items are too large or fragile, they can also look at detailed photos of your items.  If you do bring photos, make sure you have decent ones of any identifying marks on the item for the best identification.

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