The other day I was heading back from Wrenshall and headed North to Duluth.  There had been an accident so there was some rerouting of traffic and getting somewhere is more important that worker safety.  At least that's what I witnessed from other drivers around me.

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None of us like having out commute slowed down or interrupted, but your activities aren't as important as it is getting crash victims help.  I saw car after car tailgating, speeding up, speeding around, and then slamming on brakes because they thought they could get through.  I wonder if these people have never had to work on the scene of an accident.  I assure you, any work on the highway isn't fun, and ignorant drivers make it even worse.

It's the same thing that I witness almost every day with the highway construction projects in Duluth.  Someone thinks that being one car ahead is going to make or break their day, and the road rage comes out.  With more narrow one-lane routes and people working to improve our infrastructure, just take your time, slow down, and be courteous to other drivers.

I feel like I can speak on the subject a bit because I used to have that road rage over slow traffic and people in my way.  After a damn near Grand Theft Auto type incident, I am much better than I was.  Even as far as people speeding in work zones, remember that it doesn't get you to your destination that much quicker and you're being a good person by taking your time and thinking of others.  As a refresher, you can check out some MnDOT summer work zone safety tips HERE.

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