Most beer still tastes better in bottles or from a nice clean tap, but the ease of transport, accessibility, and even disposal makes cans a more ideal way to consume the product.  Cans of beer also generally take up less space than bottles making it easier for bars and stores to stock.

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Even craft type breweries like Castle Danger Brewery and Bent Paddle Brewing have been canning their delicious beers for quite some time.

January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day, celebrating beer first being canned making it ever so handy.  It goes back to 1935 when beer started to find its way into cans, which also lead to many other products going that route too.


Besides the above-mentioned benefits of beer in cans, remember that cans of beer chill faster than bottles.  Aluminum beer cans are also made of way more recyclable material than glass bottles, and since they are lighter than bottles, are even more environmentally friendly to transport.  Even though well protected beer in bottles still tastes better in my opinion, it can actually go bad faster than beer in cans with UV rays going through the glass making it skunky.

Even though the 24th is a Wednesday and a school night for many, consider cracking a cold one or three in appreciation of the beer can.  Especially consider picking up a pack of cans from your favorite Twin Ports area brewers to help support local businesses while celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day.


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