February is officially here and that means another month of winter for us here in the Twin Ports. Now that a new month is here, let's take a look back at what January brought us weather-wise.

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WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers shared some interesting information regarding January and what we saw throughout the month, including the average temperature.

According to his post, we saw an average temperature of about eighteen degrees in the Duluth area. This was actually about eight degrees above average! If you spent time in the Duluth area last month, you probably noticed that it wasn't as cold as it could be.

As far as snow goes, we really didn't see too much in the Duluth area. Duluth received just over nine inches of snow, which is about ten inches less than usual. Usually, January is a cold and snowy month for us but this just wasn't the case for the start of 2021!

By the time we were halfway through the month in the Twin Ports, Duluth was seeing one of its warmest January months on record! Up until that point, we were sitting at our second warmest January on record with an average temperature between twenty-three and twenty-four degrees. The record didn't stick as we headed into the second half of the month but it just goes to show how mild the month really was in the Twin Ports!

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting anything but a mild month for February. Their forecast for the month includes cold conditions and a major snowstorm at the end of the month. Yikes!

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