Red Bull is bringing back their Heavy Metal Snowboard Contest that has not been held in Duluth since 2003, and it is coming in January. The showcase takes place over a single day featuring a variety of unique obstacles in one area to showcase these elite athletes.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, January 16 from 1-6pm at Cascade Park at N 1st Ave West in Duluth. The event is Free and open to the public. The list of competitors includes men and women, although the full list has not been confirmed yet some of the riders expected to compete in addition to Benny Milam include Zeb Powell, Miles Fallon, Zak Hale, Nora Beck, Savannah Shinske, Draydon Gardner, Blake Lamb, Danyale Patterson, Ryan Paul, Ben Bilodeau, and Gracie Warner.

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These snowboarders are some of the best in the world including Minnesota native Benny Milam who will showcase their unique skills riding rails and other obstacles. Joe Sexton, who is also from Minnesota is the competition director for the event. said in a statement reported by the Duluth News Tribune: (Subscription Website)

Heavy Metal brings riders who were not traditionally contest riders to the event. Street-style snowboarders don’t necessarily enter competitions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t producing some of the heaviest snowboarding parts. (In the original Red Bull Heavy Metal competitions) it was really cool to see the people that were in my favorite videos riding in a contest.

Cascade Park is known throughout the street snowboard community as one of the best spots in the United States known for its natural beauty and rails and banks. This is going to be the event of the year and it all goes down right here in Duluth!

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