When you think of a Ken Doll, this is usually the image that comes to mind. Perfect tan, rock solid abs, blue eyes, and that iconic blonde wavy hair. Mattel has just come out with a new version of their Ken Doll. They came to the realization just last year that not all women are the same shape or size so, they reshaped Barbie accordingly. Now they've done the same for Ken.

But, in my opinion the differences are not all that, different if you ask me. I think they should've come to the Northland to get a good scope of what a real man looks like.


Up here, you'd have to have the Fisherman Ken with his accessories being his fishing pole, his boat, and a nice big fish of course!


Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

What guy is complete without his grill? Admit it, you'd play with a Ken Doll if it came with a tiny grill wouldn't you? The doll would have to look like this guy though, complete with flip flop/slippers, some random hat, 80's rock t-shirt, the green lawn chair, and a cooler full of Bud Light. You know this guy is somebody's Dad.


Two People Men Camping Lobster Cooking Ocean Water, Large Bucket

I think Mattel missed the trend by skipping these guys, the bearded hipsters. These guys are everywhere. Usually with some sort of faded bandana on their head wearing cargo shorts, driving an old Subaru.



And then there's this guy. Can't forget him, the average Joe. The description of this photo was literally "fat man drinking beer and sitting on sofa". He'd have to have his remote and mug of beer as his accessories. You could choose if you wanted him to be a soccer, football, or basketball fan.

On second thought, I don't think the world is ready for this level of realism yet.

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