I can't think of a time that I actually made a solid New Year's resolution.  Maybe once or twice in the past I bought a gym membership because of the reduced price for the new year, but never actually said "I'm getting into better shape this year".

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I personally think New Year resolutions are silly.  Like, why does it have to be January 1st that you suddenly are going to get into shape, eat healthier, drink less, quit smoking, be less of a jerk, or whatever you decide?

Maybe for some people, having a set start date, and using a date on a calendar helps them, and more power to those that it does, it just never made sense to me.  I can't even think of many people who stuck with whatever their resolution was anyway.

For those that did jump into a resolution and have already started to fall off track, or didn't start it at all, there is a day for you.

January 17th is officially "Ditch New Year's Resolution Day".  Who made that day?  I'm not really sure, probably people who decided their resolution wasn't happening and didn't want the stress of having to live up to it.

If it's you that is doing the resolution ditching, don't get down on yourself.  We'll assume you gave it your best and it just wasn't working out for you.  Take the day to denounce your resolution and just decide to be you.  Or maybe your resolution was too extreme, and you need to step it back a bit, work on those baby steps to a better you instead of holding such a high expectation.  While not on a calendar, Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day offers you the easy and guilt free way out.

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