Our daughter just turned 11 in November and for her birthday she was not gifted any toys or electronics from us.  We've been trying to gift experiences rather than just things, and for her birthday we rented out Zeitgeist Theater in Duluth to watch Top Gun: Maverick with her friends and family.  Something she will never forget.

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For Christmas 2022, we're continuing on the same path of gift giving.  She will of course receive some clothes, and a few specific items a typical 11-year-old might request, but none of her bigger gifts from us will be junk she'll quickly forget about.  She receives plenty of those gifts from grandparents and other relatives.  This Christmas she will be gifted luggage from us.

Yes, the gift you generally get a kid when they turn 18 or when they graduate to say "get out of the house".  We're obviously not sending her packing, though I have looked into boarding schools which apparently mother won't allow.  The gift of luggage from us, is a setup for future experiences for her.

For her golden birthday in 2023, her auntie has promised her a trip to New York.  Besides that trip, we travel as often as we can and she is getting to the age where trips with her are a bit more realistic for it to be enjoyable for everyone going.  We also didn't skimp on the quality of luggage and the 3-piece package including a makeup bag should hold up for many years and many adventures.  It also benefits us as she won't be borrowing our luggage and dragging it all over New York or wherever travel takes her.

Luggage as a main and big Christmas gift might not be a good fit for your kiddo, but it is for ours.  What gift of experiences other than junk toys or electronics would you consider giving to your kids for Christmas?

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