Christmas 2023 is officially over and as I type this on New Year's Eve Eve, our tree from the recent holiday is hanging out behind me.

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We don't live in the country like some people who can simply take their living, or on a path of dying tree out into the woods or just add it to a burn pile.  Ours needs to be disposed of or recycled somewhere that can take it.

The Duluth area usually has multiple disposal/recycle options for Christmas trees you're all done with, and this season is no different, so there is little excuse to not do it right.

Free disposal is provided at WLSSD's Yard Compost Site located at 2626 Courtland Street daily from 8:00AM-4:30PM running through January 31st.  Vonco Landfill will also take them for free on weekdays from 8:00AM-4:00PM.

In addition, there are various drop-off points open through January 10th around Duluth.  Those include the Duluth Heights Community Club, Lester Park, Woodland Community Club, Chester Bowl, Grand Avenue Chalet at the base of Spirit Mountain, and the Rose Garden parking lot.

If you're closer to or in Carlton County, you can drop them at Sappi in Cloquet at the gatehouse entrance, or at the Moose Lake Compost Site.

If you are dropping off tress for recycling, please make sure you don't have any decorations or lights still on them, and make sure they aren't flocked.  Flocking is when mists, paints or powders are applied to the trees to simulate the look of snow having fallen on them.

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