This is sad news. The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival is cancelled this year due to COVID-19 coronavirus.

The news was shared on Facebook late Sunday (March 15) night, with organizers writing the following:

The Homegrown Music Festival team continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments. Due to recent advisories from the Center For Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health, we are canceling all programming for the 2020 festival including the Iron Range Invasion.


We are taking an active and immediate approach to keep ourselves, attendees, performers, volunteers, sponsors, venues, production crew and all other staff safe and able to focus on maintaining a healthy distance from the possibility of contamination and spread of COVID-19.


All updates following this message will be posted on our website and through other social media platforms.


Thank you for continuing to support the Homegrown Music Festival. We love you.

This isn't entirely shocking, as businesses, festivals, companies and the like continue to close amid growing concern over COVID-19 coronavirus.

The festival was scheduled to run from Sunday, April 26th through Sunday May 3rd.

To keep up with all things relating to COVID-19 in the Northland, click here.

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