I had known for a while that I spent too much time on Facebook.  "Liking" people's pictures and aimlessly scrolling through feeds, basically wasting time.  So I tried to limit it to times when I truly had nothing better to do, like right before bed or right when my alarm went off when I would normally hit snooze.

That wasn't enough though, I knew I really wasn't getting anything out of it.  Nothing too positive anyway.  Sure it's nice to see relatives or friends you rarely see because of distance.  So much though was mindless waste and me reading posts from people uneducated and ignorant opinions about whatever.  Then there is the politics, making people hate each other because of a political view.  A big waste of time.

So I took a break, I logged out of it on my phone.  Something I hadn't done in so long my phone probably thought someone had stolen it.  The first few days sucked, I would click on the logo like a bad habit and as I was doing it realize I shouldn't be.  After those few days though it was easier, I wasn't thinking about it anymore.  It's been 2 weeks and I have logged in a few times because of business or event stuff, but that's it.  I can't tell you that I'm using my time any better but I know I feel better not having that tethered to it feeling.  My goal going forward is to keep the course.  So far, I "Like" it.

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