When I first started in radio I needed to supplement the ridiculously low salary with another job, that was school bus driving.  Yes, they actually hired a guy with "Danger" in his name to haul kids around.  I would work mornings in radio and then drive kids home from school in the afternoon.  I actually liked the job but other opportunities came up and I moved on from it.

Fast forward 13 years to now, where I still have my commercial license and still do radio.  The license matters not this coming Saturday where I will get my race on at The Proctor Speedway. They have asked me in the past but it never worked out with my schedule.  I'm excited for the opportunity to race for my station.

It's part of Proctor Speedway's Mid Summer Night of Mayhem.  It features the bus races, trailer races, reverse races and a whole lot more, all in one night.  The racing starts at 6 but I'll be there from 3-5 broadcasting live on Sasquatch as well.  Come out and cheer me on this Saturday the 5th!


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