Much like the start of motorcycle riding season and watching out for bikes, it's important to watch out for buses as the school season starts.

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It's not even so much that you want to watch for buses to not hit them, but also to remember where they are, there are usually kids present too.  I bring up this topic as I was a school bus driver in a former life, and had more than one person blow through the extended stop sign arm during my short stint in that career.

We live in a time of texting while driving and despite the flashing LED lights, and the giant yellow piece of steel on the road, people can be oblivious.  I know, it's a lot to ask, to actually be focused on driving but it's especially important now when you probably haven't had to stop for a bus in a long time.

Not only can drivers get a $500 fine for driving past and extended school bus stop arm, you can also face criminal charges if you pass on the right or pass when kids are outside of the bus.  So save yourself the money and the hassle of court, and also the chance of having to live knowing you killed someone's kid because you were too busy not paying attention.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has plenty of reminders as well as the full list of statistics for the State on school bus accidents which you can see HERE.

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