When a group of people in the distance calls me over to have some alcohol, I can't think of any times I've turned that down.  Strangers or not, I mean, it's free booze.  Today it was friends, and I'm glad I wandered over.

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They wanted me to try Infuse Lemon Vodka.  Right away I noticed there were lemon peels in the bottle.  I've had a few boozes from the shelf over the years that had some form of fruit in them, but it's not the most common thing, at least not in the area I call home.  I've seen it more from friends who made their own booze, and added various things for the authentic flavor kick.

Infuse Vodka Lemon Peels- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Infuse Vodka Lemon Peels- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

After my tasting event, I stopped and grabbed a bottle on my way home.  It was $18.99 for a 750ml bottle, and I also noticed a grapefruit and cinnamon apple variety hanging out on the shelf too.  So far I have only had it on the rocks, which it needs a minute to mellow as it's a little strong right out of the bottle.  The taste, well, it's lemon.  There is for sure a small edge of alcohol, but it doesn't taste cheap.  It tastes to me more like a $30.00 bottle of vodka that someone quite properly added lemon to.  The label says it's Eureka Lemons.

Infuse Lemon Vodka suggests making a martini with it, and I could see that being quite the refreshing summer drink.  I would imagine adding it to some lemonade would be quite nice as well.  It's a gluten free vodka running at 80 proof, that's worth a try for the price point.

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