This weekend we were invited over for dinner with some friends.  We hadn't seen them in way too long and one of them was also celebrating a birthday.

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I'm not a big gift giver for birthdays but when invited for dinner, we try for the most part to bring something to contribute even when we're told not to.  A quick stop at one of my favorite liquor stores in Superior lead to a bourbon suggestion to bring as a gift.

I was told it's a repeat customer purchase many times over, so decided to snag a bottle of Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  Usually, I'll do a little research on my own with Uncle Google, but I was short on time so had to go on the store's advice.

Now, when I bring bourbon over to someone's house as a gift, I don't expect them to open it to share, as it's a gift for them.  When they do share, it's a bonus, especially with this stuff.

I tried it neat and only that way, and it smelled like it would burn going all of the way down.  It didn't though, in fact, it was incredibly smooth.  For being 100 proof, and only 7 years old, I was quite impressed with how nice it was to enjoy neat.  It was sweet, but not too sweet, and it had just enough hint of oak to give it some edge but not enough to really burn.

Coming in at right around $60 for the bottle, it's not a bad selection if you're looking for a gift bourbon someone hasn't tried before.  For the price and my taste buds, I'd rather settle into a bottle of Elijah Craig or Woodford Reserve.  I did enjoy it, but for the price I don't need a bottle sitting in my cupboard with plenty of other delicious offerings costing less.

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