When it comes to whiskey, I'm no connoisseur.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I like it, I like it.  Straight, on the rocks, single malt, blended, mixed with Coke or some other mixer, it doesn't matter if I dig the taste.

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Taste of course is subjective and what you like I might not.  I still have buddies who drink cheap rail whiskey anytime we are out, and it works for them.

In the last ten or so years it seems, there has been a massive increase in flavored whiskeys on the market.  Pick a flavor, there is probably one out there available.  In the Twin Ports at least, a popular one has been Peanut Butter Whiskeys.  Well, those can step aside for one I got to try this week.

It's called Bubba' Burnt Sugar Whiskey and when you get a whiff out of the bottle, it smells like butterscotch with a very minor hint of alcohol.  At only 35% alcohol and being 70 proof, this is one you can pass around the campfire taking swigs from.  There is barely an alcohol burn, probably from all of the sugar they used to get the flavor where it's it.

I tried it first on the rocks which broke my habit of trying new to me whiskeys neat.  It didn't even have to mellow much with the ice and wow does it go down smooth, almost too smooth.  As far as my take on the taste, there is a bit of caramel, spice, and maybe some brown sugar.

As far as Bubba's goes, it's a drink that a non-whiskey drinker would also enjoy.  My brother drank it with some Coke and really liked it, and my wife mixed it with RumChata for one hell of a strong drink.  Their website also suggests mixing it with orange juice or even margarita mix for a Key Lime Pie Martini.

For a price point of around $25 for a 750ML bottle, this is one that for me will always be in the cupboard and is worth the price of admission.

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