One of the highlights of going into work is my conversations with my co-worker Steve.  About once a month those conversations involve what we have been drinking lately.  Usually I go home that day with a stop at the liquor store to purchase something I haven't tried before.  A couple of weeks ago, Steve brought up Appalachian Sippin Cream.

I ended up picking up two jars of this liqueur because I couldn't decide on a flavor.  I got the butter pecan and dark chocolate coffee versions.  I'm normally a whiskey drinker so I don't care much for drinks that are too sweet.  I cracked open the dark chocolate version at 4:00PM on a Friday and poured it over ice.

It's smooth and sweet but for sure has a strong liquor bite to it as well.  The best way to describe it is that it's incredibly delicious, it's almost too good.  I quickly went through over half a jar while watching a movie and felt pretty damn good.  Both of the flavors I purchased were 20% ABV.  I eventually got to the butter pecan and it's right on par with the other being sweet but strong.  I'll add that the flavors in it taste real.  It's not some kind of fake flavoring taste which you will find often in liqueur type boozes.  We went through those two jars rather quickly, but it's something I plan on trying to keep in the freezer ready to go.  I found it for around $18.99 on sale for $16.99.  Give it a try!

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