I have been pretty excited to see Godzilla vs. Kong since I first saw the trailer a while back.  While I didn't grow up when the early movies were coming out, I did grow up watching them thanks to my dad.  Big monsters crashing into big buildings was the best as a kid, and apparently getting older didn't change my feelings on that.

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I took my soon to be step-daughter who is nine, and I didn't tell her what we were going to see.  The theater was as packed as they will allow with the current restrictions, and we ended up in the second row, which is usually too close for my taste.  It worked out well from that view though, and I think the Dream Loungers play a big part in that.  The theater also had the volume set at what I'm guessing was close to 11, and that made the viewing experience great too.

The film is just under two hours long and it feels like it's less than that.  Probably because it's pretty intense through most of it.  It also did a decent job at the start by explaining where things had already been with the titans in previous films, though with the plot, a newbie wouldn't have much problem catching up.  Some of the CGI was poor in my opinion, but as I type that I think of what the original films were, and maybe that cheese factor is part of the charm.

This film has plenty of action and destruction with a little bit of humor worked into it.  It was fun to have the 9 year old there who jumped at a lot of the noise, felt bad when Kong was getting a beat down, and was blown away by the monsters punching each other.  I'm glad I went to see it on the big screen and I would suggest seeing it that way if you're comfortable going out.  It would certainly be great on a nice sound system home setup with a big TV too.

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