There are more and more movies slowly being released as the global pandemic seems to be getting better.

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In our day and age though, there are plenty of streaming services that are releasing films exclusive to them. That means unless you sign up for a free trial or actually subscribe to that particular service, you might wait a while to see something.  Some films are even skipping the theater and just going to the streaming release.

I had a smidgen early access to the new Mark Walhberg movie called "Infinite".  The early release I saw was on Paramount Plus.  I already subscribe to it because I am a huge Star Trek fan and it has the newer shows coming out.  Paramount Plus was formerly CBS All Access.  Infinite looked like a good popcorn movie, as in one you just get lost in the action eating your popcorn.  It was indeed a popcorn movie, but I've seen better.

There was decent action and the idea behind it is that there are individuals who exist among us that remember all of their past lives.  Of course there is some drama with that and while the movie was fast paced with the action, the story was not very exciting.  Overall I would give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.  It's for sure not worth subscribing to Paramount Plus for just that, no matter how big of a Walhberg fan you are.  Paramount Plus does have plenty of other great options to check out though, just save your time and skip Infinite.

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